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We are a charitable organization of men and their families. Our purpose is simple: to help our neighbors in the Pelham community. Learn more about how your donations make a difference for hundreds of people in Pelham every year.  


Senior Citizens

The Pelham Civic Association provides continued support for senior citizens in our community throughout the year through donations and sponsorship of programs and events.

Senior Citizens 

Youth Programs

The Pelham Civic Association is dedicated to supporting the youth of Pelham through a variety of programs and events including Community & Awards totaling over $13,000, Sophomore Career Awareness Day, and The Pelham Summer Olympics.

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Our Neighbors

 Our membership assists the less fortunate individuals and families in our community with clothing, food, toys and gifts throughout the year. In addition, since the World Trade Center tragedy, we have been providing continued support to our neighbors who were affected. During the summer, we sponsor an annual benefit golf outing with all the proceeds going to fund our program.

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